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The AJAX Navigation System

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The progress of aviation as one of the main transport means is flatly connected with the common tendencies of modern civilization, that is fast population growth, production lines often allocated in remote areas, cultural communications and others.
That presents rather serious requirements to the aviation transport, first of all it means high safety and flights’ regularity regardless of meteorological conditions. In solving the problem above navigation system’s role is becoming the decisive factor.
In the time being the satellite navigation systems are the main technical means to solve global navigation problems, that is Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Major aviation corporations such as Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Sextant and others are carrying out vast development program for the aviation techniques in whole.
As for the information technologies all efforts are focused on processing algorithms’ optimization, on docking GPS with different onboard systems, on widening ground/onboard interaction.
One of the well-known and acknowledged global navigation technical decision in GNSS is differential mode (DM) of operation, its potential accuracy lies within few meters (at the final stage of landing approach).
Nevertheless the DM has some short backs, for example, it doesn’t provide the crew visual contact with the runway (RW), and that is the main provision for the successful landing, on the second, the DM implementation requires an additional ground stations deployment around the airports and also requires the separate up-link introduction to transmit the differential correction signals to the aircraft.
The AJAX System destination is to provide high safety and flights’ regularity regardless of meteorological conditions for any civil/military aircraft and helicopters as well. Its unique feature consist of docking together two statistically independent information channels, satellite GPS/Glonass channel with the optical channel. Both are operating jointly and that provides the whole flight’s program fulfillment from take-off up to landing.
During the flight the aircraft craw uninterruptedly receives all necessary numerical and visual information displayed on the onboard monitor. For the flight’s parameters calculations are used both signals from GPS/Glonass links and also signals from the RW and approach lights.
The AJAX onboard set may be used jointly with the adjacent systems such as TCAS, MMWR, FLIR and others.
It’s to be outlined that the AJAX high accuracy at the final stage of landing approach, it lies well within DM level, is achieved without necessity for the additional ground stations deployment and also without using separate up-link as well. All information processing and calculations are performing in the AJAX onboard set with the help of the way points coordinates written in the memory of AJAX onboard computer; way points coordinates are  belonging to way points allocated along the RW central line continuation.
The AJAX high accuracy at landing is also in line with RNP tunnel concept, on the other hand, with the help of approach lights’ signals the visual contact between the crew and the RW is achieved well before decision height (DH).
The AJAX main features may be listed as follows:
1. All-weather ability,
2. possibility to diminish the airports’ meteorological minimum,
3. no radio compatibility problems,
4. dual and operative communication link between the crew and dispatcher ground service in sync. mode,
5. low weight and power consumption,
6. cost-effective, quick money turnover.
Flight testaments carried out so far had confirmed the AJAX system main concept and also had defined its future projects.
The AJAX system versions are patented.

We are proposing cooperation on AJAX project.
Those organizations and persons who will take interest to our proposal we are asking to contact us:
- in St-Petersburg, Russia,
tel/fax (812) 454-9932
e-mail: safian_navsyst@mail.ru
Safian Dmitri
-  in Moscow, Russia,
tel/fax (495) 310-8582
e-mail: tribunaxxi@newmail.ru
Safian Anatoly



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